Summers in Madikeri…

IMG_0692I am sure that each one of us have different memories as to how we spent the Summer holidays as children. Back then, I remember there were 3 events that I looked forward to the most each year. One was my Birthday (the obvious reason being for getting gifts), 2nd was Diwali as I just loved to burst the crackers & to see the whole town look so beautiful at night with Diyas lit everywhere & the 3rd one was THE BEGINNING OF THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS.

I am talking about that time when kids didn’t had a busy schedule for their Summer Holidays (even more busy than the schedule for their school days) like they do now. Back then, though your mom wouldn’t be shouting at you to wake up early like on school days, you would still be up early on your holidays so as not to miss even a minute of it. Those days when most of your time was spent playing outside not worrying about getting tanned or just sitting on your compound wall eating those FROSTEE ICE CANDIES or pleading/begging your mother to prepare your favourite dishes every other day or if you were a book nerd like me, then enjoying reading novel after novel sitting/ by lazily lying around in various corners of the house..

But am sure you guys would be thinking now about the best part of your Summer Holidays, shall I guess? It’s going to your Granny’s place. IMG_9556Yup, am sure each one of us could vividly recall as to how when our mothers would be packing the luggage we would sneak in colouring books/ our favourite toys/ chocolates/ novels/ any other items that we would want to show to our cousins. Of course, you wouldn’t find most of those items on unpacking at your Granny’s place as your mother just as sneakily would have put back those items, she’s your mother after all!

In a way I was fortunate to have the scenic hill station Madikeri as my Granny’s place. Am sure all you guys will be thinking WOW!!! Let me add ghee to that fire by telling you all that her place blessed us every day with gorgeous views of the mountains on 3 sides,IMG_9546 (1) a narrow pathway beside her house leading down in a haphazard way & then opening into a mixture of fields & marshes which stretched as far as your eyes could see. But most importantly, the weather remained pleasant throughout the summer with nights so cool that we used rugs even in summer.

At that time for me, the main reason for looking forward to going to her place was not because of the scenic views it offered, but because of getting to spend lots & lots of time with my cousins & yum!!! also because of the delicious food that our Granny used to prepare.

At this point it would be rude of me if I didn’t introduce you all to my co-adventurers aka MY COUSINS. This is us sitting in a chronological order.IMG_9622

  1. Kruthiakka- the eldest cousin, who didn’t have a mean bone in her body. She was a favourite of not only our mothers but also of us cousins & was usually given the responsibility of making sure that we didn’t get into too many troubles. No easy job.
  2. Sambramakka- 2 years younger than Kruthiakka, an animal lover (& also all creepy crawly insects lover) who had the habit of always bumping her head on door frames or on windows right on the day before she would travel to any place.
  3. Hithyshi- 2 years younger than Sambramakka & same age as mine. She was that quiet cousin amongst us who never questioned any of our ridiculous plans & possessed the super power of holding food in her mouth without swallowing or spitting it out for even upto 1 hour, wow!!
  4. Then there was me. Though my hands are itching now to write about how much of a sweet & innocent kid I was, am sure my mother would create another blog & dedicate 1 entire post just to say as to how I wasn’t, let me skip that.
  5. Sukruth- 2 years younger than me, who though was Kruthiakka’s brother shared the most similarities with me. We used to be the only 2 kids staying inside the house whenever the others played with the dogs outside (as we both were afraid of dogs), we also had this common hatred for snails & for all insects & were also the kids to be involved in most of the troubles.

Sitting on Kruthiakka’s lap & giving a weird expression is my sister Drushya. The boy who looks like he’s trying to free himself from Sukruth’s hold is Hithyshi’s brother Sharu.

For many years it was just the 5 of us, before Hithyshi’s brother, my sister & our Uncle’s son completed the whole grandchildren brood. The adventures that us 5 cousins had, couldn’t be completed in just 1 blog post. So in the series ‘Summers in Madikeri‘, I would be chronicling many adventures or interesting happenings during our Summer holidays at our Granny’s place. Hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as I am having in walking down memory lane & collecting these stories.




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